FIDE Grand Prix 2012 – Tashkent (Uzbekistan) – Round 5

After 4 rounds Morozevich leads the event with 3 points, there are 4 players after him with 2.5 points.

Pairings of today’s round

Ponomariov-Morozevich 1-0
Mamedyarov-Caruana 1/2
Karjakin-Leko 1/2
Wang Hao-Kasimdzhanov 0-1
Gelfand-Kamsky 0-1
Dominguez-Svidler 1/2

Kamsky won his first game today and Morozevich lost for the first time. This allowed the players behind to catch him, so now 1st to 5th are: Morozevich, Mamedyarov, Caruana, Kasimdzhanov and Karjakin.

Games of the round

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Khanty Mansiysk – final/game 1 (of 4 classical ones)

Today the final has started! Stefanova played the Bogo-Indian and towards the end of the opening had a large advantage on the clock. Black was better for most of the middlegame and after but white managed to draw.

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Monday Quiz

Both most important events – the Women’s World Championship and FIDE Grand Prix in Tashkent – have rest days. So, here is a nice quiz for you 🙂

White to move and win


FIDE Grand Prix 2012 – Tashkent (Uzbekistan) – Round 4

Before the 4th round Morozevich was leading the event with 2.5 points. Now he leads with 3, 2nd to 4th are Karjakin, Mamedyarov and Wang Hao.

Today’s pairings


Kasimdzhanov-Karjakin 1/2

Caruana-Gelfand 1-0

Leko-Dominguez 1/2

Svidler-Ponomariov 1-0

Kamsky-Wang Hao 0-1


Khanty Mansiysk Semi-final tie-break

Ushenina won the first game of the tie-break.

Second game

Thus Ushenina is in the final and will be playing ex-world champion Stefanova!

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