Photos from the Women’s Serbian League

The official website had published photos of the first two rounds, so here are the photos of me and my team BAS Belgrade


Women’s Serbian League 2nd round

Won a funny game against WIM Pihaljic, Amalija today. The middlegame was a little boring but then she allowed a typical knight sac on f7 🙂 Here is the game:

Here is the cross table of the event (I play for BAS Belgrade)


Women’s Serbian League

Today I played the first game in Women’s Serbian League. It wasn’t easy as I haven’t played since European Open Championship that was in March 🙂 In the league I drew WGM Benderac with Black and here is the game:

Conclusion – develop as quickly as possible and don’t try to play on supposedly weak pieces like Ne5 🙂 Then good game is guaranteed!


Women’s GP 2011-2012, Rostov 11th round

The event has finished with Hou winning the 1st place with 8 out of 11 games, Lahno finishing 2nd with 7 and Muzychuk sharing 3rd-4th with T.Kosintseva. Muzychuk was better on SB and by performance.

Final standings

1.Hou 8
2.Lahno 7
3-4. Muzychuk, T.Kosintseva 6.5
5.N.Kosintseva 6
6-7.Koneru, Galliamova 5.5
8-9.Stefanova, Danielian 5
10.Ruan 4.5
11.Kovalevskaya 3.5
12.Kosteniuk 3

Photos of the last round and closing ceremony

Games of the last round


Women’s GP 2011-2012, Rostov 10th round

Surprisingly, Black won more than white today 🙂 Hou is sole first with 7.5 out of 10 games and Lahno joined T.Kosintseva to share 2nd-3rd with 6.5 points before the last round.

Standings after the 10th round

1.Hou 7.5
2-3.Lahno, T.Kosintseva 6.5
4.Muzychuk 6
5.N.Kosintseva 5.5
6.Koneru 5
7-9.Stefanova, Galliamova, Danielian 4.5
10.Ruan 4
11.Kosteniuk 3
12.Kovalevskaya 2.5

Pairings of the last round


Photos of today

Games of today’s round