My dad’s attacks and sacrifices – Part III

One of the readers who found tactical solutions suggested to call it “The Vladimir Dembo school of tactics” :). I think it is a good title. Here are some new examples:


Attacking the King

It is white to move. Please, look for what is interesting in the position. What would you like to play? How would you continue the attack on Black King?

Now that you have found the win, how many “Dembo-rules” can you count? 🙂


Student’s game

Today I’d like to show you a very interesting game of a student of mine. His name is Ed Dodd and his USCF is 1140. Ed had started studying seriously (and correctly) on his own very recently but has already made a huge progress. Of course, there are some mistakes in this game, some are even very serious ones, but some moves played by Ed show his potential and clear knowledge of certain middlegame methods.


“Knight delivers the last blow”

This is the name of one of the themes from our middlegame and endgame collection. It is very useful and happens very often. The question is only: do you notice it and can implement it yourself? 🙂 If you are not sure how to use or notice it in your games, it is time to study many such examples! 🙂


An “easy, but nice” example

While teaching one of my students yesterday we came across an example which was simple, yet nice. You can apply a “Dembo-rule” – “I would like…” from my first middlegame book to find it quickly! If something looks interesting in the position, always look for what you would like to do and try to make it work! 🙂

It is Black to move.