New Teacher on ChessRex

Since a few days ago anyone who joins has a chance to win lessons with me. Good luck!

New Teacher on ChessRex


New price for new students

From today the cost of a lesson for new students will be different for one very simple reason – since it is summer and lots of people take many lessons from me, I have lowered the price of an hour from US$40 to US$30 to make it more affordable for everyone.
Hope you won’t be complaining 😀 .


An update on chess improvement

I give lessons on ICC and Playchess servers and use Skype for talking. It is possible to save everything we study + I give homework, if student wants. Usually lessons are private but groups are welcome too! I charge US$40 for 1 hour or US$35 for 1 hour if you purchase 5 lessons in advance.

I teach all phases of chess:

* Theory – have a large collection of my own analysis + updates from hundreds of books on ALL openings

* Middlegame – have a collection of over 30 thousand study-material fragments and games divided into 415 themes

* Tactics – fragments from the same large collection

* Strategy – fragments from the same large collection

* Endgame – fragments from the same large collection

* Game analysis