A Decade of Inspirational Books – reviews by Glenn Flear

I was very glad to read in the newest edition of yearbook (already 100!!) that he considers the Scotch Game book written by me and IM Richard Palliser to be among the top 20 most inspirational opening books of the decade! In fact this is what he writes about the authors: “Richard Palliser has become the mainstay of the Everyman team, with his widespread knowledge and ability to pick out the quintesential points. In recent years, Yelena Dembo has become the most influential female opening analyst around. Together they have come up with a high standard monograph for all levels”.


Rogaska Slatina EWCC final rounds

So, in round five we had a bye which gave up plenty of time to rest! The next day we had to play Monaco – the strongest team in the event by rating but which had the same amount of match points with us (our team was rated 7th). I made a relatively quick and easy draw vs IM A.Muzychuk (2545 ELO) and the team drew Monaco thanks to the incredible win of IM Bojkovic vs GM Hou Yifan (the current Women’s World Champion)! The game was drawn in many possible ways but Hou found the only and very unfortunate way to lose – lost on time. And in the last round, the 7th we had to play MIKA, a very strong team from Armenia. I made a quick draw against GM Harika (2505 ELO) but unfortunately after a very long fight our team lost 🙁 Nevertheless, for me the event was very successful as I finished on 4.5 out of 6, undefeated and won the silver medal on 2nd board! What else can a professional want?!

Here are the last games:


Rogaska Slatina EWCC round 4

I won the game vs Frank-Nielsen, 2020 ELO and my team won 3-1!

Today we have a bye 🙂 so plenty of rest!


Rogaska Slatina EWCC round 3

I drew vs IM Munguntuul, 2465 ELO today but my team “BAS” lost 2.5-1.5 🙁 Here is my game:


Rogaska Slatina EWCC 2nd round

Today I won against IM Sedina, 2337 ELO and our team won the match too! Here is the game: