Vishy Anand

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The new women’s world champion!

We have the new women’s world champion – Hou Yifan, 16 years old from China! She won the title after a very interesting tie-break match versus Ruan Lufei. Congratulations to the winner!


World Championship report and my impressions :-)

It is always a little difficult to write about World Championships as a whole. Not because I hadn’t played in any (I have played in 8 of them already – 6 youth and 2 women ones!) but because it is a global, very serious and a knock out event.
First of all, unlike men world championship, we learned about the pairing of the 1st round just one month before the event. Which made the preparation not very easy, considering the fact that with my rating of 2454 I had to play an IM with 2409 – so a similar rating to mine. Then there appeared a question how to fly to Hatay, Turkey 🙂 It turned out though that there is a simple solution – first we had to fly to Istanbul and then to Hatay, so at least quite easy for us who lived in the nearby country. The problem was worse for many others though who missed their connecting flights due to severe weather conditions. My husband was laughing later that always when we have the World Championships there are some terrible cataclisms going on 🙂 Volcano, snow, etc.
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Women’s World Championship

I have lost the match to GM Zhao Xue – 0.5-1.5 and got knocked out. This loss puts me among the top 16 best women in the world from 2010 to 2012 (when we have the next World Championship)!

Many thanks to all those who supported and believed in me!

Going to have one rest day and start analysing my games as well as writing an article for ChessBase Magazine!