Quiz 26

Black is to move and win.


2nd and 3rd rounds

In the 2nd round I won a nice positional game vs Mihopoulos, K (1959 elo) and in the 3rd round I lost a very passive game vs Vakhania,A (2199 elo). Unfortunately, my brain was simply not working. Still, lessons learned and I am looking forward for the 4th round today vs Kazakos,E (2000+ elo) 🙂


Quiz 25

White to play and win.


First round

I won the first round vs Hatzigrigoriou,G (13 years old, 1584). It was an interesting game where my opponent played very quickly the first 20 moves and then overlooked a nice little tactic.

Tomorrow we have 2 rounds, one is at 10am the other is at 17.30 – all Greek time 🙂

It is possible to see the pairings and results on http://www.chess-results.com/tnr36301.aspx?art=2&rd=1&lan=1&flag=30&m=-1&wi=1000.