Budva, round six

Yesterday I drew GM Savchenko (2654 elo) in another fighting game. In early middlegame he sacrificed an exchange, I sacrificed a pawn in return on the next move and we got an unclear endgame. Later on I thought I was slightly better, he thought the same about his position 🙂 After the game we analysed and concluded that nobody could achieve more than a draw as the position was closed and I had a terrible pawn structure.

Today I play GM Macieja (2607 elo) who was European champion some years ago.


Round 5, Budva

Today I am playing against GM Savchenko, Boris with elo 2654 with Black pieces. Hopefully, we will play an interesting game!

4th round, Budva


Budva, rounds three & four

I lost the 3rd game to Russian GM Grachev with 2655 elo. We played 109 moves! 🙂 The game was very interesting although not without mutual mistakes (Which game has no mistakes?! :-)). And today I won a crazy game against Romanian FM Bonte, Andrei (2355 elo). The first part was pretty good, then we spoiled the game a bit due to very light time pressure – both had to calculate loads of lines and he sacrificed an exchange.

Lets see what tomorrow brings!:-)


Men’s European championship, round two

I won the second round against Serbian FM Igor Spiric, 2254 elo. The game again was very interesting, with mutual sacrifices. Hopefully, I will play a strong GM tomorrow!

If you wish to know the news on the championship, log on to http://www.eurobudva2009.com/eng.htm . Enjoy!


Men’s European Championship in Budva

Men's European championship, Budva, Montenegro 2009I have played and lost a very interesting and fighting game against GM Timofeev (2671 elo) in the first round. You can find more information on http://www.eurobudva2009.com/eng.htm

There are 306 players and 138 GMs among them.