Round 5, Budva

Today I am playing against GM Savchenko, Boris with elo 2654 with Black pieces. Hopefully, we will play an interesting game!

4th round, Budva


Budva, rounds three & four

I lost the 3rd game to Russian GM Grachev with 2655 elo. We played 109 moves! 🙂 The game was very interesting although not without mutual mistakes (Which game has no mistakes?! :-)). And today I won a crazy game against Romanian FM Bonte, Andrei (2355 elo). The first part was pretty good, then we spoiled the game a bit due to very light time pressure – both had to calculate loads of lines and he sacrificed an exchange.

Lets see what tomorrow brings!:-)


Men’s European championship, round two

I won the second round against Serbian FM Igor Spiric, 2254 elo. The game again was very interesting, with mutual sacrifices. Hopefully, I will play a strong GM tomorrow!

If you wish to know the news on the championship, log on to . Enjoy!


Men’s European Championship in Budva

Men's European championship, Budva, Montenegro 2009I have played and lost a very interesting and fighting game against GM Timofeev (2671 elo) in the first round. You can find more information on

There are 306 players and 138 GMs among them.


New page!

I have added a new page for the Russian readers on my early education. Hope you enjoy it! At some point I might consider translating it. Its a difficult work (lots of material) but definitely a very interesting one!