My family

Me at the age of 4 & my parents

My parents and myself at the age of 4.

My mum, me and my dad

My parents and myself in Greece, 2004.

Sotiris & his sister Anta

Sotiris and his sister Anta.

Acropolis 2003

Shared 1st-2nd places in Acropolis 2003.

Sotiris in Turkey

My husband Sotiris in Kusadasi, 2006.

1-2 place in Paleochora among women, men's event

I shared 2nd place among women in Paleochora Open in 2008.

Me and my aunt Me and my aunt who lives in New York with her husband.

My dad, Eleni, myself, my aunt and uncle My dad, Eleni (my husband’s mom), myself, my aunt and her husband.

Eleni, Grace, my dad, myself and my aunt Eleni, my dad, myself, my aunt and Grace at the house of Eleni.


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