Final rounds, Men’s European championship

In round 9 I lost to Erdos (2583 elo), then to Ruck (2558 elo) both from Hungary. These two games were quite long and difficult, mainly positional 🙂 And in the last round I drew GM Sedlak (2592 elo). So I finished with 5.5 out of 11 and am really satisfied with this result! I won rating, gained experience and won against a strong GM (Minasian – 2557 elo in 29 moves)!

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2 Responses to Final rounds, Men’s European championship

  1. Rich Van Riper says:

    Congratulations on doing very well at the Euro Men’s Tournament. I especially liked the win you had against the GrandMaster Minasian!

  2. Rick says:

    Congratulations on a fine tournament!