Candidates Tournament Berlin 2018 7th round

Caruana leads with 5 points.

Results of the 7th round

2767GMGrischuk Alexander½ – ½GMMamedyarov Shakhriyar2809
2800GMKramnik Vladimir½ – ½GMDing Liren2769
2763GMKarjakin Sergey1 – 0GMSo Wesley2799
2794GMAronian Levon0 – 1GMCaruana Fabiano2784

Standings after 7 rounds

GMCaruana FabianoUSA27845,0
GMMamedyarov ShakhriyarAZE28094,5
GMKramnik VladimirRUS28003,5
GMDing LirenCHN27693,5
GMGrischuk AlexanderRUS27673,5
GMKarjakin SergeyRUS27633,0
GMSo WesleyUSA27992,5
GMAronian LevonARM27942,5

Games of the round

Pairings of the 8th round

2767GMGrischuk AlexanderGMKramnik Vladimir2800
2809GMMamedyarov ShakhriyarGMKarjakin Sergey2763
2769GMDing LirenGMAronian Levon2794
2799GMSo WesleyGMCaruana Fabiano2784

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