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So, the holidays are over and it is time to analyse the events, successes and failures of last year 🙂 Understanding what you did well or not so well will help you to play and think better in the future. For me, the whole 2011 was very pleasant, so the difficulties I was having in the very last event of the year – the women’s world team championship in Mardin, couldn’t spoil anything 🙂 After all, I had to play against the likes of the current World Champion Hou Yifan, 2nd player in the world – Koneru and many other very strong GMs. Here is a small selection of annotated games from the last two events of mine – the Mind Sports Games (Beijing) and Women’s World Team Championship (Mardin, Turkey).

Hopefully we will all learn from our mistakes and play better this year! Good luck!

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  1. aerodarts says:

    Interesting insights! I can not imagine how hard it must be to be playing against the best chess players in the world, so far away from your home. What is so amazing is you are not just playing classical chess! There is blindfold, Blitz, Team, and Individual..what did I leave out!? I think you obtained amazing results.

    Also noticed that you have many other interest than just chess and reading what you had to say in this article etc.. it reminds me of the great Bobby Fischer who achieved a great goal when he become world champion and ended up living an isolated life, getting arrested in Japan and being taken in by Iceland to provide this man a home.

    I was a big fan as you can imagine when he played Spassky. When he did not defend his title against Anatoly Karpov, it was a sad day for many Chess Fans. Much has been said about his decision. All of this coming from a game called Chess! I am amazed at the hard to believe stories about the people who play/teach chess at such a super high level.

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