FIDE Grand Prix 2012 – Tashkent (Uzbekistan) – Round 11

Today is the last round of this prestigious event! The leaders are Mamedyarov and Morozevich with 6 points. Behind there are Karjakin, Ponomariov, Wang Hao, Caruana and Kasimdzhanov with 5.5 which means that anything can happen!


Wang Hao-Mamedyarov 1-0
Svidler-Morozevich 1/2
Karjakin-Ponomariov 1-0
Kasimdzhanov-Gelfand 1/2
Leko-Caruana 1/2
Dominguez-Kamsky 1/2

And indeed something happened! Mamedyarov lost, Morozevich “only” drew and Karjakin who played the longest game of the round won. This win determined the winner of the event.

Final standings

1-3. Karjakin, Wang Hao, Morozevich 6.5 points.
4-6. Mamedyarov, Kasimdzhanov, Caruana 6.
7-9. Ponomariov, Svidler, Leko 5.5
10. Gelfand 4.5
11. Dominguez 4
12. Kamsky 3.5

Games of the last round

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