Wijk aan Zee 2013 round 1

GM Group A


Only two players won in the first round, despite the interesting fights! The leaders are Karjakin (who won against Hou Yifan on his B-Day :)) and Harikrishna, who defeated Giri.

Results of 1st round

Aronian 1/2 van Wely
Carlsen 1/2 Caruana
Harikrishna 1-0 Giri
Anand 1/2 Nakamura
Sokolov 1/2 Wang Hao
Leko 1/2 L’Ami
Karjakin 1-0 Hou Yifan

GM Group B

Only two players managed to win in this group as well! 🙂 Timman and Tiviakov share the 1st place.

Results of round 1

Rapport 1/2 van Kampen
Eduard 1/2 Nikolic
Ernst 0-1 Timman
Movsesian 1/2 Naiditsch
Tiviakov 1-0 Ipatov
Turov 1/2 Grandelius
Dubov 1/2 Smeets

GM Group C

We have three winners in the group – Peralta who defeated the 14 yo Goryachkina, Brunello and Mekhitarian.

Results of round 1

Peralta 1-0 Goryachkina
Swinkels ½-½ Kovchan
Brunello 1-0 Klein
Schut ½-½ Admiraal
Bitensky ½-½ Romanishin
Mekhitarian 1-0 Burg
Gretarsson ½-½ van der Werf

The official website is http://www.tatasteelchess.com/

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