Wijk aan Zee Round 2

All the games were drawn in GM Group A! Aronian and Sokolov had very good chances to win the games but didn’t manage. Harikrishna and Karjakin and leading the event.

Results of round 2

van Wely, L. – Hou, Y. ½-½
L’Ami, E. – Karjakin, S.½-½
Wang, H. – Leko, P. ½-½
Nakamura, – Sokolov, I. ½-½
Giri, A. – Anand, V. ½-½
Caruana – Harikrishna ½-½
Aronian, L. – Carlsen ½-½

GM Group B

Tiviakov won his 2nd game in a row and is leading the event. Places 2nd to 4th are shared by Timman, Nikolic and Rapport who have 1.5 points.

Results of 2nd round

van Kampen, R. – Smeets, J. ½-½
Grandelius, N. – Dubov, D. ½-½
Ipatov, A. – Turov, M. ½-½
Naiditsch, A. – Tiviakov, S. 0-1
Timman, J. – Movsesian, S. ½-½
Nikolic, P. – Ernst, S. 1-0
Rapport, R. – Edouard, R. 1-0

GM Group C

Peralta & Brunello won their 2nd game and are sharing 1st-2nd places. Gretarsson and Mekhitarian are on 1.5 points.

Results of the 2nd round

Goryachkina, A. – van der Werf, ½-½
Burg, T. – Gretarsson, H. 0-1
Romanishin, O. – Mekhitarian ½-½
Admiraal, M. – Bitensky, I. ½-½
Klein, D. – Schut, L. 1-0
Kovchan, A. – Brunello, S. 0-1
Peralta, F. – Swinkels, R. 1-0

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