Wijk aan Zee Round 3

GM Group A

There were three games won yesterday and White won in all of them! Carlsen won quite easily while Anand played a nice positional game which later on resulted in a direct attack! Wang Hao played well and managed to equalize only to misplay the R endgame and lose. Thus, Karjakin is lading the event with 2.5 points, 2nd place to 4th are Carlsen, Anand and Harikrishna with 2.

Results of the 3rd round

Carlsen, – van Wely, L. 1-0
Harikrishna – Aronian ½-½
Anand, V. – Caruana, F. 1-0
Sokolov, I. – Giri, A. ½-½
Leko, P. – Nakamura, H. ½-½
Karjakin, S. – Wang, H. 1-0
Hou, Y. – L’Ami, E. ½-½

GM Group B

Yesterday was a very fighting round with only two draws! Timman stopped Tiviakov and Rapport won against Ernst to share 1st-2nd with 2.5 points. Timman, Smeets and Movsesian are on 2.

Results of round 3

Edouard, R. – van Kampen, R. 1-0
Ernst, S. – Rapport, R. 0-1
Movsesian, S. – Nikolic, P. 1-0
Tiviakov, S. – Timman, J. ½-½
Turov, M. – Naiditsch, A. 0-1
Dubov, D. – Ipatov, A. ½-½
Smeets, J. – Grandelius, N. 1-0

GM Group C

After another highly fighting round there are four (!) players sharing the 1st place: Brunello, Peralta, Gretarsson and Mekhitarian.

Results of round 3

Swinkels, R. – Goryachkina, A. 1-0
Brunello, S. – Peralta, F. ½-½
Schut, L. – Kovchan, A. 0-1
Bitensky, I. – Klein, D. 1-0
Mekhitarian, K. – Admiraal, M. 1-0
Gretarsson, H. – Romanishin, O. 1-0
van der Werf, M. – Burg, T. 0-1

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