Wijk aan Zee Round 8

GM Group A


Carlsen won a very interesting and long game against Karjakin and is leading the event with 6 out of 8. Possibly, Karjakin overlooked a draw as it is stated in http://chess-news.ru/en/node/10840. Anand is 2nd with 5.5 points and Aronian & Nakamura share 3rd-4th.

Results of the 8th round

van Wely, L. – Nakamura, H. ½-½
Giri, A. – Wang, H. ½-½
Caruana, F. – L’Ami, E. 1-0
Aronian, L. – Hou, Y. 1-0
Carlsen, M. – Karjakin, S. 1-0
Harikrishna, P. – Leko, P. ½-½
Anand, V. – Sokolov, I. ½-½

It might be interesting for you to read Aronian’s comments on the game – http://chess-news.ru/en/node/10837

GM Group B

Rapport, who was the leader of the event for many rounds has lost to Smeets and is now sharing 1st-3rd with Movsesian and Timman (who by the way is the oldest participant in all 3 events!!).

Results of the 8th round

van Kampen, R. – Naiditsch, A. 1-0
Timman, J. – Ipatov, A. 1-0
Nikolic, P. – Grandelius, N. 1-0
Rapport, R. – Smeets, J. 0-1
Edouard, R. – Dubov, D. 1-0
Ernst, S. – Turov, M. 0-1
Movsesian, S. – Tiviakov, S. ½-½

GM Group C

Peralta drew and Brunello caught up with him after winning against Mekhitarian. They are on 6.5 points out of 8. Klein is 3rd and has 5.5 points.

Results of the 8th round

Goryachkina, A. – Admiraal, M. 1-0
Klein, D. – Romanishin, O. 1-0
Kovchan, A. – Burg, T. ½-½
Peralta, F. – van der Werf, M. ½-½
Swinkels, R. – Gretarsson, H. ½-½
Brunello, S. – Mekhitarian, K. 1-0
Schut, L. – Bitensky, I. 1-0

Today is the 2nd rest day.

The official website of the event is http://www.tatasteelchess.com/

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