Wijk aan Zee 12th round

GM Group A


Carlsen won against Nakamura and secured the 1st place before the last round! He has 9.5 points, Aronian and Anand are on 8.

Results of the 12th round

van Wely, L. – Caruana, F. 1-0
Aronian, L. – Giri, A. ½-½
Carlsen, M. – Nakamura, H. 1-0
Harikrishna, P. – Wang, H. ½-½
Anand, V. – L’Ami, E. 1-0
Sokolov, I. – Hou, Y. 0-1
Leko, P. – Karjakin, S. ½-½

GM Group B

Rapport won against Timman and is back to sharing 1st place. Places 1st to 3rd (before the last round) are – Rapport, Movsesian and Naiditsch with 8.

Results of the 12th round

van Kampen, R. – Nikolic, P. 0-1
Rapport, R. – Timman, J. 1-0
Edouard, R. – Naiditsch, A. ½-½
Ernst, S. – Ipatov, A. ½-½
Movsesian, S. – Grandelius, N. ½-½
Tiviakov, S. – Smeets, J. ½-½
Turov, M. – Dubov, D. 1-0

GM Group C

The battle for 1st place continues as both Brunello and Peralta won their games and have 10 points. Swinkels is 3rd with 7.5.

Results of the 12th round

Goryachkina, A. – Kovchan, A. 0-1
Peralta, F. – Klein, D. 1-0
Swinkels, R. – Admiraal, M. ½-½
Brunello, S. – Romanishin, O. 1-0
Schut, L. – Burg, T. 0-1
Bitensky, I. – van der Werf, M. ½-½
Mekhitarian, K. – Gretarsson, H 1-0

Today is the last round and it begins at 12.00pm local time!

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