4 Responses to Thursday Quiz

  1. darshandatta says:

    1. Rc8 Qxc8 2. h6 Rg8 3. Bxf6+Nxf6 4. Qxf6+ wins

  2. yelenadembo says:

    The idea is very good but after 2.h6 he has 2…Qc2+ and Qg6.

  3. Yuichi Sato says:

    (a) 1.h6 Rg8 2.Rc8 RXg5 3.RXd8+ Rg8 4.RXd7 Rc8 5.BXf6+
    (b) 1.h6 Rg8 2.Rc8 QXc8 3.BXf6+ NXf6 4.QXf6+ Rg7 5.QXg7#

  4. yelenadembo says:

    Very good!

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