4 Responses to Sunday Quiz

  1. Yuichi Sato says:

    (a) 1.Nf4 BXf4 2.Rg1 and White wins the Black
    pawn on g2.
    (b) 1.Nf4 g1=Q 2.RXg1 BXg1 3.NXh5 Bh2 4.Ng3
    BXg3 5.fXg3

  2. yelenadembo says:

    This is definitely winning but there is a way to win the B in the starting position 🙂

  3. Yuichi Sato says:

    1.Kf3 g1=Q 2.RXg1 BXg1 3.Kg2 BXf2 4.KXf2

  4. yelenadembo says:

    Very good!

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