Baden-Baden GRENKE Chess Classic 9th round


All three games were decisive yesterday! Caruana was stopped by Adams (Adams saw a wonderful 44…Ne5 trick which improved the position of the knight greatly), Anand made a novelty on move 20 and had a very good game after 22.Bg4 (another nice trick!). Meier got a very pleasant R and N endgame and kept Black under pressure until he decided to sac the exchange for a pawn. Then, white sacrificed another pawn to activate the rooks and won nicely.

Results of the one before last round

Caruana 5.5 0-1 3.5 Adams
Anand 4.5 1-0 3 Fridman
Meier 3.5 1-0 4 Naiditsch

Standings after 9th round

1-2. Caruana, Anand 5.5
3-4. Meier. Adams 4.5
5. Naiditsch 4
6. Fridman 3

Last round pairings

Fridman – Caruana
Adams – Meier
Naiditsch – Anand

Games of the 9th round

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