Baden-Baden GRENKE Chess Classic final round


Yesterday was a another great day for Anand who won against Naiditsch to take the 1st clear place with 6.5 points out of 10 games! Caruana tried to win the game against Fridman for 7 hours but didn’t manage and despite leading the whole event had to settle for 2nd place with 6 points. Adams and Meier shared 3rd-4th.

Results of the final round

Fridman 1/2 Caruana
Adams 1/2 Meier
Naiditsch 0-1 Anand

Final standings

1.Anand 6.5
2.Caruana 6
3-4. Adams, Meier 5
5.Naiditsch 4
6.Fridman 3.5

Games of the final round

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