One Response to Wednesday Quiz

  1. Yuichi Sato says:

    1.RXe7 QXe7 2.Rd7 Qe8 ( 2. …QXd7 3.eXd7+ Kf8 4.dXc8=Q+ ) ( 2. …Qf8 3.e7+ Kh8 4.eXf8=Q+ RXf8 ) 3.e7+ Kh8 ( 3. …Kg7 4.Qd4+ Re5 5.QXe5+ Nf6 6.QXf6# ) 4.Qd4+ Ng7 5.Rd8 RXd8 6.eXd8=Q QXd8 7.QXd8+ Ne8 8.QXe8+ Kg7 9.Qg8#
    It would be wise of Black to play 1. …Qf5, though he or she can’t get White’s rook by way of compensation for losing his or her knight. This line continues 2.QXf5 RXf5.

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