Tal Memorial 2013 – 4th round

(Photo taken from the official site)

After the 1st rest day the tournament resumed with another fighting round! Nakamura managed to create a very strong initiative in the center and kingside and won against Caruana, while Karjakin wasn’t able to convert a large advantage against Mamedyarov. Nakamura is the sole leader of the event and has 3 points, elfand and Mamedyarov are on 2,5.

Results of the 4th round

Morozevich 1/2 Kramnik
Karjakin 1/2 Mamedyarov
Caruana 0-1 Nakamura
Andreikin 1/2 Carlsen
Anand 1/2 Gelfand

Today's pairings

Gelfand - Morozevich
Carlsen - Anand
Nakamura - Andreikin
Mamedyarov - Caruana
Kramnik - Karjakin

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