One Response to Grischuk-Kharlov, 1999

  1. bumpaguv says:

    1. Qf7+ Qxf7 (1…Kh8; 2. Bg7 mate or 1 …Rxf7; 2. Nf6+ Rxf6; 3. Rxd8+ with mate soon); 2. Nf6+ Kh8 (2…Qxf6; 3. Rxd8+ leads to mate.); 3. Rxd8+ Re8; 4. Rxe8+ Qxe8; 5. Nxe8

    I am at work trying to visualize this from the diagram on my lunch hour, so it may not be as accurate as if I had a board and pieces to move around. Good practice, nonetheless.

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