4 Responses to Saturday Quiz

  1. bumpaguv says:

    1…Rxd3 2. Rxd3 [2. Qxd3?? Qxg2#] 2…Re1+ 3. Kf2 Ne4+ 4. Kxe1 Qxg6 -+

  2. Yuichi Sato says:

    1. …Rxd3 2.Rxd3 ( 2.Qxd3?? Qxg2# ) Re1+ 3.Kf2 Ne4+ 4.Kxe1 ( 4.Qxe4? Rxe4 ) Qxg6 ( Black has just exchanged his or her two rooks for White’s bishop and queen, and moreover, White’s rook on h4 is still awkwardly situated.) 5.Kf1 Nc5 6.Rd2 Qb1+ 7.Ke2 Nb3 8.Rd1 Qxa2+ 9.Ke1 Qxg2 -+

  3. yelenadembo says:

    Very good!

  4. yelenadembo says:

    Well done!

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