3 Responses to Saturday Quiz

  1. mdchess says:

    Nc7+ then Qg8+ then Bg5+ and R check – how to flush a king into the center of the board – ouch – you never want your king there – naked and exposed 🙂

  2. yelenadembo says:

    Very good! If Qxc7 you have 2.Qg8 Bf8 and 3.Bf4! with the idea of Re1.

  3. mdchess says:

    After I posted this however I spotted after Nc7+ if Kf8 then Qf3+ and Qd5+ but the King can hide in the corner. Then NxR(a8) and black can exchange off Q and B on b5. The black K is then out of the picture for endgame.

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