The Candidates Tournament

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There was only one win by Karjakin yesterday, but what a brilliant win it was! It definitely shows how one can still find a great sacrifice after many hours of play. So, after 8 rounds Anand and Aronian are leading with 5 points and Kramnik is 3rd with 4.5.

Results of the 8th round

Aronian 4.5 1/2 4.5 Anand
Kramnik 4 1/2 3 Andreikin
Svidler 3.5 0-1 2.5 Karjakin
Topalov 3 1/2 3 Mamedyarov

And we have interesting standings:

Anand, Aronian 5
Kramnik 4.5
Svidler, Topalov, Mamedyarov, Andreikin, Karjakin 3.5

Pairings of the 9th round

Karjakin – Kramnik
Andreikin – Svidler
Anand – Topalov
Mamedyarov – Aronian

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  1. mdchess says:

    Yelena, that Svindler / Karjakin game an unusual line of the King’s Indian Attack – which they added some of their own twists to. Crazy position, you feel that both players missed chances.

    But the end game was fun for sure. Opposite color bishops usually a draw.

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