The Candidates Tournament

Playing hall
(Photo taken from the official site)

And Anand did it. Not only he managed to save a very unpleasant endgame against Karjakin in 13th round, but he also won the Candidates tournament (and thus got the possibility to fight for the crown against Carlsen this November) with one round to go!

Results of the 13th round

Karjakin 6 1/2 7.5 Anand
Andreikin 5.5 1-0 6.5 Aronian
Svidler 5.5 1/2 6 Mamedyarov
Kramnik 5.5 1-0 5.5 Topalov

Standings after 13 rounds

Anand 8
Aronian, Mamedyarov, Andreikin, Kramnik, Karjakin 6.5
Svidler 6
Topalov 5.5

Pairings of the 14th round

Aronian – Karjakin
Anand – Svidler
Mamedyarov – Kramnik
Topalov – Andreikin

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