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  1. Yuichi Sato says:

    (a) 1.Qh6 Qd8 2.Rf7 ( threatening checkmate with either 3.Qxh7# or 3.Rxh7# ) Rxg3+ 3.fxg3 Qg8 4.Rf8 Rb8 ( 4. …Qxf8?? 5.Qxf8# ) 5.Rcf1 c3 6.Rxb8!! Qxb8 7.Rf8+ Qxf8 8.Qxf8#
    (b) 1.Qh6 Rg7 2.Rf8+ Rg8 3.Rf7 Rxg3+ 4.fxg3 Qd8 5.Qg7# or Qxh7#

  2. bumpaguv says:

    1. Qh6 Rg7 (to prevent 2. Rf7) 2. Rf8+ Rg8 3. Rf7 and checkmate will soon follow.

  3. Kartik says:

    Qd2 I think is the best move for white

  4. mdchess says:

    1. Qh6 (threatening Rf7 and mate on h7) if Rg7 2. Rf8+ Rg8 3. Rf7 wins

  5. yelenadembo says:

    Very good!

  6. yelenadembo says:

    Actually, 1.Qh6 wins instantly.

  7. yelenadembo says:

    Very good!

  8. yelenadembo says:

    Very good!

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