Dortmund 2014



(Photo taken from the official site)

The first round held a surprise for chess fans around the world – Meier (Germany) won against Kramnik (Russia)! Definitely make sure to study this very interesting and positional game if you didn’t manage to catch it live.

Results of the 1st round

Leko, Peter – Ponomariov, Ruslan ½-½
Naiditsch, Arkadij – Adams, Michael ½-½
Kramnik, Vladimir – Meier, Georg 0-1
Baramidze, David – Caruana, Fabiano 0-1

Games of the 1st round

Pairings of the 2nd round

Caruana – Ponomariov
Meier – Leko
Adams – Kramnik
Baramidze – Naiditsch

Official Site.

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