Rilton Cup 2010/2011 round one

So far only GM Berg drew from the top 5, so results are –
GM Najditsch-Astrup 1-0
FM Thompson-GM Sokolov 0-1
GM Macieja-FM Byklum 1-0
Sipila-GM Berg 1/2
GM Volkov-FM Loghdahl 1-0

Unfortunately no games for download were made available on the officilian site yet and few photos are published.

The top pairing of the 2nd round is:

IM Souleidis-GM Naiditsch
GM Sokolov-GM Bellon
Lindberg-GM Macieja
IM Leer-Salvesen-GM Volkov
GM Gleizerov-IM Furhoff

Will keep you posted on photos and games!

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