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  1. bumpaguv says:

    1. g4

    1…Qf7 2. gxh5 Rh4 3. Ne2 Rxh5 4. Ng3+-

    1…Qg5 2. gxh5 Rh4 3. Rf2 Rxh5 4. Rg2+-

    1…Nf6 2. Nh3 Qf7 3. Nxf4 exf4 4. Qd3+-

  2. mdchess says:

    1. Nh3 Rh4 or f7 2. f4 with threat of Nc4 and fxe5 and wins B on d6 then if Nxf4 3. Nxf4 and if exf4 then e5 wins B on d6

  3. Yuichi Sato says:

    (a) 1.g4 Qh4 2.gxh5 Bb5 ( or 2. …Qxh5 3.Ne2 Rh4 4.Rf2 Rf8 5.Ng3 ± ) 3.Nc4 Qxh5 4.Ne2 Rh4 5.Rf2 Rf8 6.Ng3 ±
    (b) 1.g4 Bb5 2.Nc4 Qh4 3.gxh5 Qxh5 4.Ne2 Rh4 5.Rf2 Rf8 6.Ng3 ±
    (c) 1.g4 Ng3+ 2.hxg3 Rf8 3.Rf2 ±
    (d) 1.g4 Nf6 2.Nh3
    (d1) 2. …Bb5 3.Rg1 Nd7 4.Nxf4 exf4 5.a4 Bc6 ±
    (d2) 2. …Nd7 3.Nxf4 exf4 ±
    (d3) 2. …Rxe4 3.fxe4 Nxg4 4.Nf2 Bb5 5.Nc4 ±
    (d4) 2. …Rxf3 3.Rxf3 Nxg4 4.Nf2 ±
    (d5) 2. …Rxg4 3.fxg4 Nxg4 4.Nf2 Bb5 5.Nc4 ±

  4. yelenadembo says:

    Very good

  5. yelenadembo says:

    Actually, it is just 1.g4

  6. yelenadembo says:

    Well done

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