4 Responses to Tuesday Quiz

  1. Yuichi Sato says:

    (a) 1.Rb8 Raxb8 2.axb8=Q Rxb8 3.Re8
    (a1) 3. …Rxe8 4.dxe8=Q ±
    (a2) 3. …Rb2+ 4.Ke1 Rb1+ 5.Kd2 Rb2+ 6.Kc3 Rxg2 7.d8=Q+ ±
    (a3) 3. …g3+ 4.hxg3 fxg3+ 5.Ke3 Rb3+ 6.Kd2 Rb2+ 7.Kc3 Rxg2 8.d8=Q+ ±
    (b) 1.Rb8 Rdxb8 2.axb8=Q Rxb8 and the same continuation as the (a) variation.
    (c) 1.Rb8 Rxa7 2.Rxd8 ±
    (d) 1.Rb8 Rxd7 2.Rxa8 ±

  2. bumpaguv says:

    1. Re8 Rxd7 [1…Rxe8 2. dxe8Q Rxe8 3. Rb8+-] 2. Rb6+ Kg7 3. Rxa8+-

  3. yelenadembo says:

    Also winning, but White played 1.Re8.

  4. yelenadembo says:

    Well done

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