Expand your knowledge!

Expand your knowledge of the Sicilian. The material comes in ChessBase, Fritz or pgn formats. A combination of openings and typical middlegame methods:

Sicilian theory (for White, Black or both) – US$ 30

10 examples on Black sacrifices the exchange on с3 (Rxс3) – US$ 5

10 examples on g5-g6 push – US$ 5

10 examples on Knight or Bishop sacrifice on g4 in Dragon variation – US$ 5

10 examples on b4-b3 push – US$ 5

10 examples on White sacrifices the Knight on d5 – US$ 5

Naturally, if you wish to get only a part of the package, it is also possible. For more info on payment methods or anything else, send an e-mail to yelena@yelenadembo.com .

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