73rd Tata Steel Chess Tournament – round 4

Aronian and Anand won quickly today against Nepomniaschy and Wang Hao respectively. Shirov has lost another game, this time to Vachier-Lagrave. Hopefully he will recover as it is difficult to see such a strong and brilliant player being last. Bad day for the ladies in C group today as they both lost.

You can watch the games at http://www.tatasteelchess.com/tournament/livegames

Standings in Group A:

1-2. V. Anand, H. Nakamura 3
3-5. L. Aronian, A. Giri, M. Vachier-Lagrave 2½
6-10. V. Kramnik, E. l’Ami, I. Nepomniachtchi, R. Ponomariov, J. Smeets 2
11-12. M. Carlsen, A. Grischuk 1½
13. W. Hao 1
14. A. Shirov ½

Standings in Group B:

1. L. McShane 3½
2-5. Z. Efimenko, L. Fressinet, D. Navara, G. Sargissian 2½
6-9. F. Nijboer, W. So, W. Spoelman, R. Wojtaszek 2
10-12. L. Chao, S. Ganguly, V. Tkachiev 1½
13-14. J. Hammer, L. Liem 1

Standings in Group C:

1. D. Vocaturo 3½
2-3. M. Bluvshtein, I. Nyzhnyk 3
4-6. B. Bok, K. Lahno, S. Siebrecht 2½
7-9. T. Sachdev, D. Swiercz, M. van der Werf 2
10. I. Ivanisevic 1½
11-13. M. Kazhgaleyev, R. Pruijssers, R. van Kampen 1
14. J.W. de Jong ½

Official website – http://www.tatasteelchess.com/

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