Daily sale of various opening, middlegame and endgame material

The examples (middlegame, endgame) are usually well analysed and theoretically wise the material is simply large. If you have any questions while studying the material, let me know and I will help. It is possible to buy it using PayPal and sending payments to yelena@yelenadembo.com. Material will be sent in pgn/cbv files directly to your e-mail address.

Today’s offers are:


1.e4 repertoire (for the White side – ALL openings after 1.e4) – US$ 70 (instead of US$ 100)

1.d4 Nf6 repertoire (for Black side – ALL openings after 1.d4 Nf6) – US$ 30 (Instead of 50)

Budapest Gambit – US$ 5 (instead of US$ 15)


10 examples on Don’t let him castle! – US$ 2

10 examples on Exchanging with an extra material – US$ 2


10 examples on Rook stronger than minor piece – US$ 2

10 examples on Rook & 4 pawns versus Rook & 3 pawns on one side – US$ 2

If you have any questions about the material, send an e-mail to yelena@yelenadembo.com.

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