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I have noticed that a lot of people like to purchase many examples or/and openings at once and get a discount, which I totally understand :) and usually agree with or even suggest myself :). The examples (middlegame, endgame) are usually well analysed and theoretical material is huge and is updated on a daily basis. If you have any questions while studying the material, let me know and I will help. It is possible to buy it using PayPal and sending payments to (please, indicate your e-mail address, so I know whom to send it to :) ). Material will be sent in pgn/cbv files directly to your e-mail address ASAP.

Books: my 1st chess book “The Very Unusual Book About Chess” + 2nd “Conversation with a Professional Trainer – Methods of Positional Play” – US$ 35 (instead of US$ 60) with postage and packaging included (I can also sign and dedicate if one wishes :)). Check out the books page here.


Two Knights + Ruy Lopez – US$ 25 (instead of US$ 40) or Slav + Semi-Slav – US$ 25 (instead of US$ 40)

1.e4 repertoire (for the White side – ALL openings after 1.e4) – US$ 50 (instead of US$ 80)

Check out the free but old theoretical and middlegame samples here.


10 examples on Queen and Bishop play on opposite colors – US$ 3 (instead of US$ 5) or 10 examples on Sacrifice Bxg7 – US$ 3 (instead of US$ 5)


10 examples on Minor piece and pawns versus larger amount of pawns – US$ 3 (instead of US$ 5) or 10 examples on Rook & 3 pawns versus Rook & 2 pawns on one side – US$ 3 (instead of US$ 5)

If you have any questions about the material, send an e-mail to

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