Rilton Cup 2015/2016 8th round

Rodshtein (Israel) is leading with 7 points out of 8.

Results of top 10 boards of the 8th round

GMRodshtein Maxim267861 – 0GMDonchenko Alexander2588
GMSevian Samuel25785½ – ½6GMHammer Jon Ludvig2695
IMNikita Meskovs25115½ – ½5GMAlekseev Evgeny2642
IMZumsande Martin Dr.244251 – 05GMKrasenkow Michal2610
GMBlomqvist Erik249351 – 05GMGoganov Aleksey2597
GMSocko Bartosz258750 – 15GMTikkanen Hans2515
IMSjödahl Pontus24045½ – ½5GMIvanov Sergey2556
GMHillarp-Persson Tiger25215½ – ½5IMAndersen Mads2474
IMTari Aryan2556½ – ½GMSemcesen Daniel2431
GMCramling Pia2523½ – ½IMHagen Andreas2395

Top 15 players after 8 rounds

GMRodshtein MaximISR26787,0
GMHammer Jon LudvigNOR26956,5
GMBlomqvist ErikSWE24936,0
GMTikkanen HansSWE25156,0
IMZumsande Martin Dr.GER24426,0
GMDonchenko AlexanderGER25885,5
GMHillarp-Persson TigerSWE25215,5
GMAlekseev EvgenyRUS26425,5
GMSevian SamuelUSA25785,5
IMAndersen MadsDEN24745,5
IMSjödahl PontusSWE24045,5
GMIvanov SergeyRUS25565,5
IMNikita MeskovsLAT25115,5
FMNilsen Joachim BNOR23825,5
GMSocko MonikaPOL24375,5

Some games of the round

Pairings of top 10 boards of the 9th round

GMTikkanen Hans251567GMRodshtein Maxim2678
GMHammer Jon Ludvig26956IMZumsande Martin Dr.2442
GMAlekseev Evgeny26426GMBlomqvist Erik2493
GMDonchenko Alexander2588IMNikita Meskovs2511
IMAndersen Mads2474GMSevian Samuel2578
GMIvanov Sergey2556GMSocko Monika2437
FMNilsen Joachim B2382GMHillarp-Persson Tiger2521
GMKrasenkow Michal26105IMSjödahl Pontus2404
GMGoganov Aleksey259755IMPetro Golubka2406
IMSalomon Johan243855GMSocko Bartosz2587

View the standings, pairings and other info on the official site.

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