Weekend Sale

All the material is in Fritz/ChessBase, pgn format and is sent by e-mail. Openings are updated daily & the middlegame/endgame examples are well analysed. It is possible to buy the materials using PayPal and sending payments to yelena@yelenadembo.com (please, indicate your e-mail address, so I know whom to send it to). Here are the offers:


1.e4 e5 repertoire (for the Black side – ALL openings after 1.e4 e5) – US$ 50 (instead of US$ 80)

Caro-Kann– US$ 10 (instead of US$ 15)

Ruy Lopez – US$ 20 (instead of US$ 25)

Middlegame (tactics & strategy)

5 examples on Opening the position up – US$ 1

5 examples on “Pawn sacrifice for initiative” – US$ 1

5 examples on Moves backwards lose! – US$ 1

5 examples on Development advantage – US$ 1


10 examples on Opposite color Bishops with Rooks – US$ 2

10 examples on Bishop better than Knight – US$ 2

10 examples on Practical pawn endgames – US$ 2

10 examples on How to win with an Outside Passed pawn? – US$ 2

For questions about the material or anything else, please send an e-mail to yelena@yelenadembo.com .

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