2016 U.S. CHAMPIONSHIP – 10th round

So-Robson (Photo by Lennart Ootes)

So-Robson (Photo by Lennart Ootes)

Caruana leads with 7.5 out of 10.

Results of the 10th round

GM Akobian, Varuzhan3.02615IM Chandra, Akshat1.524771-0
GM Caruana, Fabiano7.02795GM Kamsky, Gata4.02678½-½
GM Shankland, Samuel L3.52656GM Lenderman, Aleksandr3.52618½-½
GM So, Wesley6.52773GM Robson, Ray6.02663½-½
GM Nakamura, Hikaru6.02787GM Xiong, Jeffery5.026181-0
GM Shabalov, Alexander3.02528GM Onischuk, Alexander5.02664½-½

Standings after 10 rounds

GM Caruana, Fabiano7.52795
GM So, Wesley7.02773
GM Nakamura, Hikaru7.02787
GM Robson, Ray6.52663
GM Onischuk, Alexander5.52664
GM Xiong, Jeffery5.02618
GM Kamsky, Gata4.52678
GM Lenderman, Aleksandr4.02618
GM Akobian, Varuzhan4.02615
GM Shankland, Samuel L4.02656
GM Shabalov, Alexander3.52528
IM Chandra, Akshat1.52477

Games of the round

Pairings of the 11th round

GM Onischuk, Alexander5.52664GM Akobian, Varuzhan4.02615
GM Xiong, Jeffery5.02618GM Shabalov, Alexander3.52528
GM Robson, Ray6.52663GM Nakamura, Hikaru7.02787
GM Lenderman, Aleksandr4.02618GM So, Wesley7.02773
GM Kamsky, Gata4.52678GM Shankland, Samuel L4.02656
IM Chandra, Akshat1.52477GM Caruana, Fabiano7.52795

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