Typical sacrifices

Here are some more examples from games of my dad with typical sacrifices and lots of “Dembo – rules”. Enjoy! 🙂

A very nice game! :)

I’d like to show you another game of one of my students played yesterday. I really liked it and hope you will enjoy it too 🙂

My dad’s attacks and sacrifices – Part III

One of the readers who found tactical solutions suggested to call it “The Vladimir Dembo school of tactics” :). I think it is a good title. Here are some new examples:

Student’s game

Today I’d like to show you a very interesting game of a student of mine. His name is Ed Dodd and his USCF is 1140. Ed had started studying seriously (and correctly) on his own very recently but has already made a huge progress. Of course, there are some mistakes in this game, some are even very serious ones, but some moves played by Ed show his potential and clear knowledge of certain middlegame methods.