The Candidates Tournament

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All games were drawn although looks like Karjakin had a win against Topalov. Anand is leading with 7 points, Aronian has 6 and Svidler, Mamedyarov and Karjakin are on 5,5.

Results of the 11th round

Kramnik 4.5 1/2 6.5 Anand
Svidler 5 1/2 5.5 Aronian
Andreikin 4.5 1/2 5 Mamedyarov
Topalov 4 1/2 5 Karjakin

Pairings of the 12th round

Anand – Andreikin
Mamedyarov – Karjakin
Topalov – Svidler
Aronian – Kramnik

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The Candidates Tournament

Part of the playing hall :)
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As the event slowly but steadily going to its end the players try to play more solid chess to preserve (or not to spoil) their good or very good places, therefore draws are inevitable. Still, the draws in this event are usually well fought! Kramnik had a very complicated (but looked like) slightly better position but blundered the exchange in mutual time pressure. Happens even to former World Champions. So, Anand is leading with 6.5 points, Aronian is on 5.5. Three players – Mamedyarov, Karjakin and Svidler – share the 3rd place with 5 points.

Results of the 10th round

Anand 6 1/2 4.5 Mamedyarov
Aronian 5 1/2 3.5 Topalov
Kramnik 4.5 0-1 4 Svidler
Karjakin 4.5 1/2 4 Andreikin

Pairings of the 11th round

Andreikin – Mamedyarov
Topalov – Karjakin
Svidler – Aronian
Kramnik – Anand

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The Candidates Tournament

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It was clearly a White pieces day with 3 wins and 1 draw! Anand remains the leader with 6 points, Aronian is 2nd with 5 and 3 players share 3rd – Kramnik, Mamedyarov and Karjakin with 4.5 points.

Results of the 9th round

Anand 5 1-0 3.5 Topalov
Mamedyarov 3.5 1-0 5 Aronian
Karjakin 3.5 1-0 4.5 Kramnik
Andreikin 3.5 1/2 3.5 Svidler

Monday is a rest day.

Pairings of the 10th round

Karjakin – Andreikin
Kramnik – Svidler
Aronian – Topalov
Anand – Mamedyarov

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The Candidates Tournament

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There was only one win by Karjakin yesterday, but what a brilliant win it was! It definitely shows how one can still find a great sacrifice after many hours of play. So, after 8 rounds Anand and Aronian are leading with 5 points and Kramnik is 3rd with 4.5.

Results of the 8th round

Aronian 4.5 1/2 4.5 Anand
Kramnik 4 1/2 3 Andreikin
Svidler 3.5 0-1 2.5 Karjakin
Topalov 3 1/2 3 Mamedyarov

And we have interesting standings:

Anand, Aronian 5
Kramnik 4.5
Svidler, Topalov, Mamedyarov, Andreikin, Karjakin 3.5

Pairings of the 9th round

Karjakin – Kramnik
Andreikin – Svidler
Anand – Topalov
Mamedyarov – Aronian

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