The Candidates Tournament

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Anand won against Mamedyarov and is leading with 2.5 points out of 3.

Results of the 3rd round

Mamedyarov 0.5 0-1 1.5 Anand
Svidler 1.5 1/2 1.5 Kramnik
Topalov 1 1/2 1 Aronian
Andreikin 0.5 1/2 0.5 Karjakin

Standings after 3 rounds

Anand 2.5
Svidler, Kramnik 2
Topalov, Aronian 1.5
Andreikin, Karjakin 1
Mamedyarov 0.5

Sunday is a rest day.

Pairings of the 4th round (Monday)

Mamedyarov- Andreikin
Karjakin – Topalov
Aronian – Svidler
Anand – Kramnik

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The Candidates Tournament

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Three games out of four were decisive yesterday! Anand, Svidler and Kramnik lead the event with 1.5 points.

Results of the 2nd round

Topalov 0.5 1/2 1 Anand
Kramnik 0.5 1-0 0.5 Karjakin
Svidler 0.5 1-0 0.5 Andreikin
Aronian 0 1-0 0.5 Mamedyarov

Pairings of the 3rd round

Andreikin – Karjakin
Svidler – Kramnik
Topalov – Aronian
Mamedyarov – Anand

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The Candidates Tournament

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Anand played a wonderful positional game against Aronian and was the only player to win yesterday.

Results of the 1st round

Andreikin 1/2 Kramnik
Karjakin 1/2 Svidler
Mamedyarov 1/2 Topalov
Anand 1-0 Aronian

Today’s pairings

Kramnik – Karjakin
Svidler – Andreikin
Topalov – Anand
Aronian – Mamedyarov

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The Candidates Tournament

The tournament was officially open yesterday in Khanty-Mansiysk (Russia) and games will start today.

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Pairings of the 1st round

GM Andreikin Dmitry RUS – GM Kramnik Vladimir RUS
GM Karjakin Sergey RUS – GM Svidler Peter RUS
GM Mamedyarov Shakhriyar AZE – GM Topalov Veselin BUL
GM Anand Viswanathan IND – GM Aronian Levon ARM

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