London Chess Classic 2012 – round 4


Hikaru Nakamura ½-½ Mickey Adams
Magnus Carlsen 1-0 Gawain Jones
Vishy Anand ½-½ Vladimir Kramnik
Luke McShane 0-1 Levon Aronian

Both Carlsen and Aronian played fantastic games! Carlsen leads the event with 10 points, Kramnik is 2nd with 8, Adams is 3rd with 7.

Games of the round

London Chess Classic 2012 – round 3

Aronian-Anand 1/2
Kramnik-Carlsen 1/2 Carlsen managed to make a draw a pawn down due to his opponent’s bad Bishops and potential weaknesses had he played …d3-d4
Jones-Nakamura 1/2
Adams-Polgar 1-0

McShane had a rest day.

Standings after the 3rd round: Carlsen and Kramnik lead with 7 points, Adams is 3rd with 6.

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London Chess Classic 2012 – round 2

Pairings of the 2nd round

Polgar-Jones 1/2
Nakamura-Kramnik 0-1
Carlsen-Aronian 1-0
Anand-McShane 1/2

Carlsen and Kramnik are leading the event with 6 points after 2 rounds, Nakamura and Adams are on 3. With his 2nd round win Carlsen broke Kasparov’s record and his Live rating is now 2855.7!

Games of the round

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London Chess Classic 2012 – round 1

The 1st round of this elite event has been played yesterday. All games were decisive!

McShane-Carlsen 0-1
Aronian-Nakamura 0-1
Kramnik-Polgar 1-0
Jones-Adams 0-1