Wijk aan Zee Round 3

GM Group A

There were three games won yesterday and White won in all of them! Carlsen won quite easily while Anand played a nice positional game which later on resulted in a direct attack! Wang Hao played well and managed to equalize only to misplay the R endgame and lose. Thus, Karjakin is lading the event with 2.5 points, 2nd place to 4th are Carlsen, Anand and Harikrishna with 2.

Results of the 3rd round

Carlsen, – van Wely, L. 1-0
Harikrishna – Aronian ½-½
Anand, V. – Caruana, F. 1-0
Sokolov, I. – Giri, A. ½-½
Leko, P. – Nakamura, H. ½-½
Karjakin, S. – Wang, H. 1-0
Hou, Y. – L’Ami, E. ½-½

GM Group B

Yesterday was a very fighting round with only two draws! Timman stopped Tiviakov and Rapport won against Ernst to share 1st-2nd with 2.5 points. Timman, Smeets and Movsesian are on 2.

Results of round 3

Edouard, R. – van Kampen, R. 1-0
Ernst, S. – Rapport, R. 0-1
Movsesian, S. – Nikolic, P. 1-0
Tiviakov, S. – Timman, J. ½-½
Turov, M. – Naiditsch, A. 0-1
Dubov, D. – Ipatov, A. ½-½
Smeets, J. – Grandelius, N. 1-0

GM Group C

After another highly fighting round there are four (!) players sharing the 1st place: Brunello, Peralta, Gretarsson and Mekhitarian.

Results of round 3

Swinkels, R. – Goryachkina, A. 1-0
Brunello, S. – Peralta, F. ½-½
Schut, L. – Kovchan, A. 0-1
Bitensky, I. – Klein, D. 1-0
Mekhitarian, K. – Admiraal, M. 1-0
Gretarsson, H. – Romanishin, O. 1-0
van der Werf, M. – Burg, T. 0-1

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Wijk aan Zee Round 2

All the games were drawn in GM Group A! Aronian and Sokolov had very good chances to win the games but didn’t manage. Harikrishna and Karjakin and leading the event.

Results of round 2

van Wely, L. – Hou, Y. ½-½
L’Ami, E. – Karjakin, S.½-½
Wang, H. – Leko, P. ½-½
Nakamura, – Sokolov, I. ½-½
Giri, A. – Anand, V. ½-½
Caruana – Harikrishna ½-½
Aronian, L. – Carlsen ½-½

GM Group B

Tiviakov won his 2nd game in a row and is leading the event. Places 2nd to 4th are shared by Timman, Nikolic and Rapport who have 1.5 points.

Results of 2nd round

van Kampen, R. – Smeets, J. ½-½
Grandelius, N. – Dubov, D. ½-½
Ipatov, A. – Turov, M. ½-½
Naiditsch, A. – Tiviakov, S. 0-1
Timman, J. – Movsesian, S. ½-½
Nikolic, P. – Ernst, S. 1-0
Rapport, R. – Edouard, R. 1-0

GM Group C

Peralta & Brunello won their 2nd game and are sharing 1st-2nd places. Gretarsson and Mekhitarian are on 1.5 points.

Results of the 2nd round

Goryachkina, A. – van der Werf, ½-½
Burg, T. – Gretarsson, H. 0-1
Romanishin, O. – Mekhitarian ½-½
Admiraal, M. – Bitensky, I. ½-½
Klein, D. – Schut, L. 1-0
Kovchan, A. – Brunello, S. 0-1
Peralta, F. – Swinkels, R. 1-0

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Wijk aan Zee 2013 round 1

GM Group A


Only two players won in the first round, despite the interesting fights! The leaders are Karjakin (who won against Hou Yifan on his B-Day :)) and Harikrishna, who defeated Giri.

Results of 1st round

Aronian 1/2 van Wely
Carlsen 1/2 Caruana
Harikrishna 1-0 Giri
Anand 1/2 Nakamura
Sokolov 1/2 Wang Hao
Leko 1/2 L’Ami
Karjakin 1-0 Hou Yifan

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Wijk aan Zee 2013

Today the famous Wijk aan Zee starts! As usual there are 3 main events, players of which are:

Participants of Grandmaster group A

GM Carlsen, Magnus NOR 2861 1 Carlsen’s 10th straight year according to his twits
GM Aronian, Levon ARM 2802 3
GM Caruana, Fabian ITA 2781 5
GM Karjakin, Serge RUS 2780 6 Karjakin’s 8th event according to his Twits
GM Anand, Viswanat IND 2772 7
GM Nakamura, Hikar USA 2769 9
GM Wang, Hao CHN 2752 14
GM Leko, Peter HUN 2735 19
GM Giri, Anish NED 2720 29
GM Harikrishna, Pe IND 2698 49
GM van Wely, Loek NED 2679 68
GM Sokolov, Ivan NED 2663 82
GM L’Ami, Erwin NED 2627 145
GM Hou, Yifan CHN 2603 215

Average rating : 2732
Category : 20

Participants of Grandmaster group B

GM Naiditsch, Arka GER 2708
GM Movsesian, Serg ARM 2688
GM Edouard, Romain FRA 2686
GM Tiviakov, Serge NED 2655
GM Turov, Maxim RUS 2630
GM Rapport, Richar HUN 2621
GM Nikolic, Predra BIH 2619
GM Smeets, Jan NED 2615
GM Dubov, Daniil RUS 2600
GM Ipatov, Alexand TUR 2587
GM van Kampen, Rob NED 2581
GM Grandelius, Nil SWE 2572
GM Timman, Jan NED 2566
GM Ernst, Sipke NED 2556

Average rating : 2620
Category : 15

Participants of Grandmaster group C

GM Peralta, Fernan ARG 2617
GM Kovchan, Alexan UKR 2579
GM Brunello, Sabin ITA 2572
GM Mekhitarian, Kr BRA 2543
GM Romanishin, Ole UKR 2521
IM Gretarsson, Hjo ISL 2516
GM Swinkels, Robin NED 2508
IM Burg, Twan NED 2492
IM van der Werf, M NED 2450
IM Klein, David NED 2445
WGM Goryachkina, Al RUS 2402
IM Bitensky, Igor ISR 2400
FM Admiraal, Miguo NED 2321
WIM Schut, Lisa NED 2295

Average rating : 2476
Category : 10

The official website is http://www.tatasteelchess.com/

Looking forward to posting some interesting games here! 🙂