Greek Women’s Championship 8th round

Fakhiridou-Markadonaki 1/2
Papadopoulou-Makka 1-0
Ikonomopoulou-Stefanidi 0-1
Botsari-Iordanidou 1-0
Makropoulou-Pavlidou 1-0

1.WGM Makropoulou 6.5 out of 8
2.WGM Botsari 6
3-4. WIM Fakhiridou, Iordanidou 5.

Greek Women’s Championship 7th round

Makropoulou-Fakhiridou 1/2
Pavlidou-Botsari 0-1
Iordanidou-Ikonomopoulou 1-0
Stefanidi-Papadopoulou 1-0
Makka-Markadonaki 1-0

WGM Makropoulou is leading with 5.5 out of 7, WGM Botsari and Iordanidou have 5, WIMs Fakhiridou and Pavlidou are on 4.5.

33rd Greek women’s Championship

The Greek women’s championship is being played in Chania from the 23rd of November till the 1st of December. Photos are taken from the official website of the championship:

The leaders are: WGM Makropoulou and WIM Fakhiridou who have 3.5 out of 4.