• My mom Nadezhda Fokin (Israeli Women’s Champion, 3rd board in 1992 Chess Olympiad, Soviet Women’s Master) charges US$ 20 for 1 hour (payments via my PayPal e-mail – yelena@yelenadembo.com).

I give lessons to kids and adults on ICC, Playchess & ChessRex.com, use Skype for talking. The students can save everything we study + get homework, if one wants. I usually give private lessons but groups are welcome too!

ChessRex offer

Level of students ranges from beginners to 2400 ELO (IMs as well). Teaching experience – 22 years.

Prices: I charge US$ 25 per hour, US$ 100 for 5 hours or US$ 200 for 10 hours, if one purchases them in advance. Payments can be done by PayPal. Please, send the payments in advance to confirm the scheduled lesson.

I teach all phases of chess:

* Correct thinking process – 3 step system to zero blunders :). Most people think that there is an only move (automatic recapture, generally good move which looks simple/safe, etc) in many positions. But there are ALWAYS options and the more you search, the more interesting/stronger possibilities you can find!

* Learning to sacrifice – most players are not sure what to do after the sacrifice or often stop calculating after they see that the opponent captures their piece. It is important to learn to see beyond that!

* Principles (including how to use the very useful, funny and popular “Dembo rules“)

* Visualization, calculation improvement – it is very important to calculate (and see the position in your mind!) for at least 2-3 moves (most players calculate for only 1 move and wonder why they miss so much :)).

* Theory – have a large collection of my own analysis + updates from hundreds of books on ALL openings

* Middlegame – have a collection of over 40 thousand study-material fragments and games divided into 419 themes. Studying these themes helps to find plans, ideas, build strategies 15-35 moves into the game. The more themes/methods/patterns you know, the easier it is to navigate in a complex situation!

* Tactics – working on 15-20 (and more) most useful and important themes

* Strategy – looking for and finding correct plans, correct evaluation of various positions, key themes (15-20 or more), etc.

* Endgame (basic and practical ones – over 30 themes)

* Game analysis

If one wants to buy collection fragments to study alone, each such fragment costs 20 cents and is in ChessBase/Fritz/pgn format. Already on the 1st lesson we can create a plan of studies and improve/change it when necessary.

Naturally, if one wants to simply create a repertoire he can buy theoretical materials (on openings like the Sicilian, Ruy Lopez, French, Gruenfeld, King’s Indian, Nimzo, Benoni and many others – check the “Material for Sale page”) prepared in ChessBase/Fritz format! They are cheap and well analysed.

An example of theoretical material for sale and study during lessons (looks normal in ChessBase format :))

An example of middlegame fragment for sale and study during lessons

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    I like a lot your explanations…style…blog…keep posting !!!

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