All about endgame

* These themes are very useful for children as well as adults, with level ranging from beginners to 2500 ELO. For practical players, amateurs, trainers, and just lovers of chess!

* Each theme contains from few to many hundreds of examples. Every game fragment has been analysed and is already in ChessBase/Fritz format which makes it very easy to study. Those examples that you wish to purchase will be in your hands already after some minutes! 🙂

Prices: each example costs 20 cents, so 10 examples cost 2 euros, etc.

15. Complicated endgames

28. Practical Queen endgames
69. Rook versus pawns
88. Queen stronger than 2 Rooks
98. Rook stronger than minor piece
103. Rook & 3 pawns versus Rook & 2 pawns on one side
110. Opposite color Bishops
120. Rook & 4 pawns versus Rook & 3 pawns on one side
123. Rook & Bishop (Knight) versus a Rook
133. Minor piece and pawns versus larger amount of pawns
136. Rook, minor piece & pawns versus a Rook and larger amount of pawns
142. Opposite color Bishops with Rooks
143. 2 minor pieces & pawn versus 1 minor piece & larger amount of pawns
147. Bishop better than Knight
148. The advantage of two Bishops
155. Same color Bishops
156. Same color Bishops with Rooks
157. Knight endgame
158. Knight endgame with Rooks

160. Zugzwang
165. Queen and Bishop versus Queen and Knight
182. Queen versus Rook (practical fragments)
193. 2 Bishops versus 2 Bishops
246. Queen and Rooks (Rook) versus Queen and Rooks (Rook)
247. Rook & Bishop versus Rook and Knight
304. Minor piece stronger than Rook
305. Knight better than Bishop
350. Practical Rook endgames
356. Practical pawn endgames
367. Opposite color Bishops with Queens (not an attack)
368. Queen versus pawns
369. 2 Rooks stronger than Queen
370. Opposite color Bishops with Knights
417. How to win with an Outside Passed pawn?

418. Realization of Queen versus 2 minor pieces

419. Bishop + Knight vs King

Special – A variety of basic endgames – 50 examples – US$ 10

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